First Impressions

Your website is basically your online representation of you. If your website looks professional and is designed well this gives your audience a great first impression of you.


A Competitive Advantage

By having a website, this increases companies’ exposure and allows for individuals and small businesses to compete against larger organizations by being more efficient and effective.


Deliver the Message

Most people search the internet for anything they need from products to services. By having a web presence this ensures that your company is continually marketing your business.


Customer Satisfaction

Your website will not only help you find new potential customers but will also ensure that you are serving your existing customers better. By being able to easily contact your clients through your website you improve your relationship with them and help build loyalty and repeated sales.


Instant Stress Free Information

Allowing people to browse your site gives them a chance to get instant access to information about your products and services without the hassle of someone pushing them to make a sale. They can retrieve information from your site at their own pace.


24/7 Service

Your site is always online and up and running so anyone can visit your site at any time that is convenient to them. It works for you even when you're not!


Services We Offer

Strategy and Branding

We understand your audience to develop a unique and attractive image for your business. Our creative graphic design experts deliver outstanding results and with our print house gives you rapid turnaround.

Creative and UI Designs

Creativity and Usability are the 2 most important aspects of the online presence. But often the most ignored. Find out why our designs and applications position your company for success.

Websites and E-commerce

Over 80% of all business searches are conducted through Google. Effective placement of your keywords is now crucial to success. Our Search Engine Optimization team gives you a step above your online competition. Includes SEO, SMM, PPC

Internet Marketing and SEO

Engaging your customer effectively often requires more than just text and images. With professional voice, video, and animating services we offer high impact solutions that get results and generate revenue.

Application Development

Through tactful opt-in Email and SMS marketing strategies you often get response rates of minutes, and a efficient process to generate high quality sales leads. Find out how our innovations and experience improve your bottom line.


Why Choose Havstar?

Sprint past your competition with effective marketing technologies and strategies that allow your business to stand out and succeed. We take a very hands on approach in understanding our client and their customers with effective surveys, communication, and digital marketing research. Through our careful analysis we identify unique selling opportunities and untapped resources for sales leads. Havstar is a committed partner to all its clients and consistently builds long term relationships with the personal approach to each campaign.

Why make the move to Havstar?

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Our clients will agree, the quality of work and results generated through our approach are nothing less than stellar.
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Twitter, Facebook, SEO - We not only know all the latest trends. We know how to effectively use it to help you generate business.
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Looking like a Fortune 500 doesnt take a professional inhouse design team. We create marketing pieces that just say "WOW"
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Our team sets the bar really high for each other. Our attention to detail and commitment to results is something that may be considered obsessive.

Client: The Business Club

"The quality and dedication I have seen from Havstar is nothing like anything I have experienced from my 20 years of working with designers and printers. They were able to deliver well above my expectations for the creative look of my website and also the visitor traffic they brought with their search engine marketing work. I have seen a dramatic increase in sales as a direct result of Havstars efforts. I full confidence in giving my recommendation to any business looking to improve their marketing." - Gary Buckridan, The Business Club

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